About Us


Upon finishing college at the University of MN-Twin Cities with a major in Spanish, Brian and Holly got married and longed to stay in the Hayward area.  Brian began a job as a delivery man at a fireplace store and Holly, who had a major in Sociology, took a job as a Secretary.

Realizing that we wouldn’t make enough to pay the bills, have children and all of the other wonderful things in life we moved back to the Minneapolis where Brian worked at a The Fireplace Center and learned all the ins and outs of selling fireplaces and Holly got a job as a Secretary at a corporation in downtown Minneapolis.  Just before we were due to give birth to our son Alec, Brian got a call to come back to Hayward and do sales at the original fireplace store where he began as a delivery man.  Holly was a stay at home Mom and after having 2 more children, girls Claudia and Lily she opened up her own daycare in our home.

Years went by and with the great area we live in coupled with a booming economy we opened up our own store, Northwoods Stove and Fireplace on Main Street in Hayward in October of 2000.  We had the great opportunity to then move into the old City Hall Building right on the corner of Hwy. 63 and the old Dairy Queen store.  It has a greater showroom area and a large warehouse and after being open for 14 years we are loving it!
If you are in need of hearth products, service or advice please stop in to see us or call us at (715) 934-4328.